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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly a third of Americans have considered switching careers. People in the workforce want living wages, flexible schedules, and fulfilling work. Another reason people are looking to switch up their careers is due to the high cost of living. According to CoinNews Media Group, U.S. inflation rose to 7.1% in 2021. Though experts say inflation is coming down, costs are still much higher than they were a couple years ago. Due to increased prices, many people are looking for a flexible side hustle. If you’re looking for a career change or a fulfilling side hustle, why not consider caregiving?

Looking for More Fulfillment? 10 Reasons to Try a Caregiving Side Hustle

Here are just 10 reasons why you should consider starting a career or side hustle in caregiving.

1. The Bond Between You and Your Clients

Workplace bonds are central to job fulfillment. When you work closely with your caregiving clients, you’ll create an unbreakable bond, a friendship. It’s something that many caregivers say they love most about this type of work.

2. You Might Become Part of a New Family

In addition to forming a bond with your clients, you might also form a bond with their family members. You’ll work closely with their immediate and extended family and even close friends. Before you know it, you’re an integral part of their familial system. And that’s something that benefits everyone involved!

3. The Work-from-Home Environment

When you work as a caregiver, you travel from home to home. You don’t have to worry about weird workplace dynamics and politics. Instead, you get to enjoy the company of some of your favorite people in the comfort of their homes. You might feel like you’re visiting and helping friends instead of just doing a job.

4. You Know You’re Making a Difference

People in care-specific jobs (caregiving, healthcare, dental care, etc.) get the added pleasure of making a difference. Every single day, they get to:

· Help reduce pain

· Help their clients feel independent

· Help them recover from illness or injury

· Provide peace of mind to concerned friends and family members

As a caregiver, you’re making a difference for each client. You’re also making a difference for their families and your community as a whole.

5. You Can Help Our Elders Remain Independent

No one wants to feel like they’re not in control of their life. As some people age, those who care for them can take on an overbearing role. They make decisions for the person without their input. They don’t take the time to hear the other person’s questions or concerns. They just take action.

While decisiveness and action are important, they’re not the only things that matter. We all want to feel like we still have control over certain aspects of our lives.

As a caregiver, you can help the elderly feel like they’re still valid, valuable members of society. You can help them feel like they still have some control and a say in their care and daily life.

6. You Can Help Improve Someone’s Health and Wellbeing

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, loneliness is a serious public health crisis. In fact, a recent study shows that the impact of loneliness is just as damaging as smoking (or even more so).

As a caregiver, you can alleviate someone’s loneliness. You can be their sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a friend who enjoys their company. Everyone needs a friend—including the elderly, ill, and injured. You can improve your client’s health by providing them with your time and company.

7. You Get to Work with Different Types of People

One of the joys of caregiving is the different types of people you’ll get to know. For example, the caregivers of Homewatch CareGivers work with young and old alike. We work with people who need temporary assistance after an illness or injury. We also work with people who need long-term care for an ongoing illness or condition.

People of all kinds fall ill and age. They will all need some assistance in their life. By working as a caregiver, you’ll meet and become friends with all sorts of people.

8. Job Stability

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, caregiving is expected to rise in the coming years. Between 2021 and 2031, the market is expected to increase by at least 25%. As a caregiver, you will always be in demand. You won’t have a difficult time landing a job.

9. Learn Skills to Advance Your Career

Caregiving is sometimes a steppingstone to other caregiving-related careers, including becoming a:

· Nurse

· Medical Assistant

· Dental Assistant

· Doctor

· Dentist

· Physical Therapist

During your time as a caregiver, you’ll gain valuable skills that will serve you in your new career. Additionally, some caregiving entities offer educational experiences. For example, Homewatch CareGivers offers 12 hours of employee training annually.

10. A Flexible Schedule

As a caregiver, you can create your ideal schedule. If you have another job, have children, or are taking classes, you can work your job around your life.

Why Consider Working Part-Time for Homewatch CareGivers

Homewatch CareGivers provides in-home services for:

· Seniors

· The Elderly

· People of all ages who need care after surgery or due to a long-term health condition

We pride ourselves on offering superior quality service that helps maintain our clients’ dignity, safety, and independence. Homewatch CareGivers is looking for caregivers passionate about helping those in need in their communities. We want caregivers who look at each client as an individual and will create a close bond with them. We want people who are ready to lend a listening ear and who jump at the chance to help others.

Learn More About Homewatch CareGivers

According to CNBC, approximately 50% of the workforce is ready for a change. Are you ready to start a new career or a side hustle? We’d love to talk with you. Contact our team to learn more about why caregiving is a great career move. We’d love to help you find a well-paying, fulfilling, flexible side hustle!

Interested in personalized, connected homecare from a qualified caregiver? View all our in-home services.


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