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While a college degree is great to have, not everyone gets one. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Also, college isn’t for everyone. But you can still make a difference even though you don’t have a college degree.

You can have a career with purpose even with just a high school diploma.

What Is a Purpose-Driven Career?

A purpose-driven career is any job that allows you to feel like you are making a difference and doing something that feels meaningful to you. This is different for everyone, but some people feel inspired when they work a job that allows them to help others. And it is in helping others that many people find a purpose.

The opposite of a purpose-driven career is a job where you are just doing it for the money, but you aren’t feeling like you are helping people. These jobs can pay the bills, but leave you feeling very unfulfilled.

Although, to be clear, you can have a job that isn’t purpose-driven, one that you make a lot of money at and still enjoy. Thus, we actually have three different metrics here: a job that earns enough money, a job that fulfills a sense of purpose, and a job that you enjoy. Ideally, a job fulfills all three of these metrics.

Unfortunately, many people are stuck with a job that just earns money but does not offer a purpose – and worse, it’s a job they don’t enjoy.

But if you’re lucky, you can get a job that you will enjoy and make money at, while fulfilling a great purpose.

The good news is, if you are looking for a career where you can make a difference, you don’t need to have a college degree necessarily. You can get a job where you can make a difference without having to graduate from a college or university.

Home Caregiving: A Purpose-Driven Career with No Degree or Certification Required.

Fortunately, there is a great opportunity for people who really want to help others in a tangible and lasting way. Home caregiving is a growing profession that does not require any sort of college degree or certification prior to joining a company like Homewatch CareGivers. You’ll need to be able to pass a background check but being a good home caregiver is not dependent on your ability to pass a college exam on medieval history.

Home caregiving is a very important and much-needed profession where you travel to someone’s home and help them live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Home caregivers are needed to help seniors as they transition into their elderly years, people with chronic illness who need support, and disabled professionals who simply need a helping hand around the house.

What Are the Qualities Required for a Good Home Caregiver?

You won’t need a college degree or a certification to be a home caregiver. However, you should have the following qualities:

· Caring

· Empathetic

· Reliable

· Willing to learn

· Eager to serve

· Loves people

· Diligent and dedicated

· Wants to make a difference

The best news is that not many people know about the career of home caregiver, so the so job openings are plentiful and good caregivers are in high demand. No college degree necessary.

Getting Started as a Home Caregiver

Interested in becoming a home caregiver? Homewatch CareGivers is a purpose-driven company that helps seniors, elderly adults, and people of all ages with medical or non-medical home care. For those without any medical training or certifications, you can get started right away as a non-medical home caregiver.

Our mission at Homewatch CareGivers is to provide superior quality home care services which preserve dignity, independence, and safety for clients; to create a compelling employment opportunity for employees; and to be a trusted partner within the healthcare continuum.

We have several openings for home caregivers and do not require a college degree or prior training. We will train you!

Want to learn more about becoming a caregiver? Apply today.


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