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Caring for others later in life is often a welcome opportunity for some people in Northbrook, Glenview and other neighboring areas in the Northshore. Working as a caregiver allows people to be connected and engaged with others in a meaningful way.

Since people are staying in the workforce longer now than in generations past, we find that volunteers in senior services are likely to be age 65 or older. These volunteers genuinely enjoy receiving smiles of appreciation while knowing that the seniors they help are safe. Older volunteers have the ability to empathize with the seniors they are assisting, because they are around the same age and may be living with similar everyday issues.

A lot of the volunteers helping the elderly community are retired, so they do not have a job that keeps them busy during the day. Retirees volunteer because they are looking for a rewarding activity to do in their free time, and they enjoy checking on a senior’s well-being and spending time with them. For a great many seniors, it is important that they are checked in on every day to ensure their safety. This is a time where both the senior and the volunteer can enjoy the company.

Volunteers do not only spend their time checking on the elderly, but they also volunteer their time with younger people living with conditions like Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease. Regardless, spending the day helping and checking in on those who need it is a rewarding activity.

Volunteering is not the only option for people in this age group, and some of these people turn to caregiving. Some volunteers turn to caregiving because they helped their senior parents when they were in need and decided they would work in retirement and help other people’s parents. Some of the best caregivers out there are the ones who have cared for their own parents, as they know first-hand how they would have wanted their parents to be treated by a caregiver. The work can be tough and draining, but at the end of the day it is emotionally satisfying knowing they are making a different in someone’s life.

Becoming a caregiver after retirement is rewarding and getting to know others on a deeper level creates meaningful bonds for those involved. Below are advantages for senior citizens that have seasoned adult caregivers:

· Retirees have the ability to relate to senior citizens and are able to communicate easily across generational lines.

· Older caregivers are more used to engaging in conversation and making seniors feel like people want to hear what they have to say.

· Retired volunteers have a greater understanding of the joys and challenges that come with aging, making elderly people feel like they have someone who relates to what they are experiencing.

Whether a person volunteers to help out a friend, neighbor, volunteers with organizations in the community or works as a caregiver, retirees can provide an incredible service to those who need it. It is something nice to do that does not take much time, and it leaves people feeling more fulfilled.

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